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Welcome to Refreshing Springs Resort

Refreshing Springs Resort offers you a great platform for your team-building activities, conferences, motivational camps and many more. Casual yet uniquely designed, our accommodations cater to groups of all sizes. Come and enjoy the pleasant comfort of our nature-inspired amenities.

Situated in the town of Kalumpang, just an hour and a half away from the city of Kuala Lumpur city centre (85 km), Refreshing Springs Resort is your riverside escape back to nature that is close to home. Built within a tropical fruit orchard, our local seasonal delights are just a pluck away! Come and let Mother Nature caress your taste buds with the honeyed nectar of Malaysian’s favourite tropical fruits.

We provide an array of different accommodations such as studios, chalets, twins, quads, dormitories and also conference halls that could be suited to your needs.


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