5 Mar



Different working styles can increase creativity and diversity in a working team to achieve productive results. But on the other hand, these differences can cause conflicts when disagreements exist too often in a team, resulting in stress, frustration, and loss of productivity.

Team-building helps put everyone in a spirit of agreement. Group activities can foster an atmosphere of trust, confidence, energy and creativity. Whether the goal is to breakdown barriers, increase creativity or explore new working relationships. A specifically tailored, fun-filled team building day is likely to be the perfect solution.

Here at the Refreshing Springs Resort, we have an array of telematch activities that will foster team building  for you to choose from. The key is selecting the one that best fits your requirements.


Connect   .   Communicate   .   Collaborate



Alligator Swamp

Team size: 6 – 10 people | Approx. time: 20 minutes



Helium Stick

Team size: 6 – 10 people  |  Approx. time:  20 minutes



Water Rafting

Team size: 6 – 10 people | Approx. time: 1 hour